Chow Champ

Chow Chow Temperament and Personality

Dignified and independent, in most cases Chow Chow links to just one person despite the fact that he will have affection for the entire family members. If raised with kids, he is nice with all of them, although the little ones could be unhappy with the fact that he is not a hugger. A terrific watch and guard dog, Chow Chow will always protect you from unknown people.

Despite his very soft look, Chow Chow isn’t actually a lovey-dovey type of dog. He is dignified and independent, and in most cases he attaches himself to a just one person. Chow Chow is protective and could definitely have affection for whole family members, but most of his loyalty will be directed at that one favorite person. Kids could be unhappy in Chow Chow s total absence of desire for being hugged.

Chow Chow is distrustful of unknown people and could be aggressive on to the other dogs he hasn’t met before. These dogs are extremely territorial. Everyone who he hasn’t met before will be warned off with a strong growl and maybe something more physical in case they do not take the warning.

This smart but often stubborn dog could be a problem to train. He reacts very well to clicker training and good reinforcement methods like play, food rewards and praise, but he loves to do things on his own way too. To get the best results, you need to be patient and you ought to be ready to try a few different ways and see which one gives good results. Get a trainer who has experience and a lot of ideas. Keep training lessons fun and short so your Chow Chow does not get bored.

Begin training puppy the moment you get him. Even at two months old, little Chow Chow is ready for soaking up every little thing you could teach him. Do not delay until he is half a year old to start training or you could have a far more headstrong dog to handle. When that is possible, get puppy in kindergarten class when he is ten to twelve weeks. However, bear in mind that a lot of puppy training lessons involve some of vaccines (such as kennel cough) to be up to date, and a lot of veterinarians suggest restricted exposure to some other dogs and open public places till puppy vaccines have been done. In lieu of basic training, you could start training puppy at your home and socializing him with family members and friends before puppy vaccines are carried out.

Consult with the breeder, explain precisely what you are looking for in a pet, and require help in deciding on a puppy. Breeders observe the puppies day by day and could make uncannily correct advice once they find out something about your personality and lifestyle. No matter what you would like from Chow Chow, try to pick one whose parents possess good personalities and who are well socialized right from puppyhood.

Chow Chow Health Issues

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Chow Chow Dog 101

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